This story is about the desire to experience joy at any age. Kids will love seeing Beary & Tinker capture 5-year-old Charlotte’s attention and have the best day of their lives. Parents will relate to the pleasure of seeing their kids enjoy the things that mean so much to them. And old teddy bears around the world will keep hope that they too will be played with again.

  • ***** 5 Stars!

    "This book has motivated me to get back out there and play, play play!"

    - Shmugsy the Chimp

  • Love these two!

    "Because of this book I have renewed energy and I'm ready to have dance parties again!"

    - Cotton the Bear

  • I WILL play again!

    "I have new hope that I will have a second chance at life!"

    - Sippy Dog

About the author

This is my first children's book. I was inspired to write this story when I noticed my daughter loved playing with my old teddy bear, Tinker, despite having many "young" toys. I thought it would be fun to write a children's story from the point of view of Tinker and his friend Beary. Maybe they weren't ready to be retired and still had lots of love to give.

Tinker and Beary with their original buddies, me and my husband, circa 1987.

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